The Plain White Tee

  1. Yesterday while Levi and I went on a walk in my neighborhood (its huge), we seriously almost died. First of all I ALWAYS walk towards incoming traffic so that I can see whats going on. Well a durango comes speeding at me and no joke, DOES NOT MOVE OVER. I had to basically dive (with a stroller) into someones drive way to avoid being hit! It was so scary and I was pretty shook up. Then I became really angry and wanted to go and find that womans house and absolutely freak out on her. Unfortunately I never saw where her house was :/ But you better bet if I see her again, their will be some words exchanged.






I had a nightmare Wednesday night that Axell was trapped on the interstate running for her life and it was one of the worst dreams I have ever had in my life. Lets just say she got VIP treatment all of Thursday and I didnt want to hardly leave her.




Do you like covers of songs?

Ever had a dream something bad happened to one of your pets?