Five Things Friday: Never Trust a Woman Who Wears Her Pants Too Tight

Hallelujah for Friday! This week really has gone by kind of fast for me, but I am definitely ready for the weekend. Anybody got any big plans? I sure dont and I am totally okay with that.


Here we go..


  1. Love my daily Grateful Dead quotes, especially this one:






  1. Levi can now officially pretty much climb anything. His favorite thing to climb is the couch and once he gets up there he goes WILD. Like Im talking jumping like crazy, pulling the curtains and trying to climb up the window!




  1. I typically do not care much for covers at all. BUT while I was in the shower yesterday this came on Led Zep pandora and it was doooooooope. It may have been the best shower experience ever. And on the topic of covers- if I hear one more version of Wagon Wheel Im going to scream. STOOOOOOOOP.




  1. Speaking of music, Stu and I decided yesterday we are going to Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga to see OAR next Saturday! And hopefully will be accompanied by Meghan and her man as well, which makes me SUPER excited!! It will be the first night away from Levi in I cant even remember how long. Im sad about leaving him but so excited to go and enjoy multiple adult beverages and see one of my fav. bands play!